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Green Bay Protaras

Welcome to one of the Oldest diving school in Cyprus!

Established in 1989 and running without interruption as a family business, we are not only counting the yearly hundreds of certified dives, mastered by our siblings and active instructors, but we are also counting the organic knowledge of relaxed and safe dives passed through the generations.

We would also like to mention that we are the only Diving School in the Protaras area located directly on the water! That’s right! Everything we need is right here in on the beautiful Green Bay beach.

We’ll build up the gear and jump right into the diving fun, or onto our boat to explore the more exotic diving spots of the area.

And if you feel like supboarding, wakeboarding, jetskiing afterwards – our brother’s GreenBayWatersports is just a wish and a step away.

Welcome to our very multi-kulti family! The Koutsavakis are Cypriot, Swedish, Austrian, British. We also speak a bit of Russian, sometimes a bit of Romanian, and a bit of whatever is needed.

We also think we can welcome you to the friendliest & Safest, summer-vibe spot on this island, but only you can be the judge of that. So come check us out in person!

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