Safari Dive – Amazing Underwater Statues


Search The Rocks For Octopus, And Visit The Underwater Statues At The Most Famous Dive Site In Protaras.

Amazing Underwater Statues
Green Bay

This dive site is the most popular place for all kind of Divers, From Beginners to Certified Divers.
All Diving Schools that are located in Protaras/Ayia Napa Area are driving to this Dive Spot everyday to do their Lessons/Courses.

Luckily We Here At AquaNaut Diving School, We Are Located Just Exactly Next To This Dive Site Green Bay Beach, So No Trucks & Carrying Heavy Equipment Needed.

At this Dive we enter from the Beach shore, And we go down to the maximum depth of 10 m.
There is one big Rock that we call ”The Fish Rock”, Which is one big rock where we take all our divers to feed the fish with bread, You can see some photos (on the end of this page) That we have taken for you to see how amazing this dive is & why you should come and give it a visit!

What Is Included In This Dive?

  • Hotel Pickup & Drop-Off.
  • All Scuba Diving Gear Necessary For The Dive.
  • A Small Briefing About The Dive & Dive Site.
  • A Great Dive &  Great Time!
  • Awesome Under Water Pictures Available To Buy.

What Can We See On This Dive?                                                                                                                                   

  • Amazing Underwater Statues & Broken Pots From Centuries Past
  • Octopus
  • Turtle If You Are Lucky
  • Lion Fish
  • Ornate Wrasses
  • Rainbow Wrasses
  • Zebra Breams
  • Two Banded Breams
  • Damsel Fish
  • Small Barracuda & many more
    Amazing Underwater Statues

If You Have Never Tried Scuba Diving Before, You Will Need To Do A Introduction Dive Which Includes Full Theory.
(For More Details About Introduction Dive)


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Safari Dive – Amazing Underwater Statues

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