Introduction Dive


Scuba Diving under the supervision of a certified NAUI scuba instructor

Try Scuba Diving In Protaras

How about trying something new and exciting on your holiday here in Cyprus ? Quick, easy and safe, an introductory dive in Protaras will give you a taste of what scuba diving is like.

It takes about half a day to complete an initiation to scuba diving, which includes equipment fitting, briefing and the actual dive.

Hotel Pickup & Drop-off

Small Groups of 6 or Less Per Scuba Instructor

4-5 meters Maximum Depth (16ft)

Diving Area *(Green Bay Beach)* 2 steps from the Diving center and you are in the water.

Introductory scuba diving is safe, fun and a “must do” at Green Bay. It is just a thing you must try before leaving Cyprus, To experience & enjoy the underwater world.
An Introductory Dive is a non-certification dive. The dive begins with a surface briefing (20 min) followed by a 40-50 min dive.
This amazing tour will take you below the surface to experience scuba diving for the first time.
Also Available To Get Awesome Underwater Pictures Taken With Go Pro Hero 7 Black Edition.

Try Scuba Diving under the supervision of a Certified NAUI Scuba Instructor.

Age starts from 10 years old and above.

No Experience Needed!

Try Scuba Diving In Protaras


Why Try Scuba Diving
•Scuba diving is the closest thing to flying, Hardly having to deal with gravity makes you feel like you’re weightless and flying into the blue.
•It allows you to move freely underwater and makes you feel you are part of the marine life.
•It is probably one of the most Relaxing & Quiet moment of your life 🙂 .
•It is more than healthy!.
•It is just a feeling we cant explain. You Must Try To Know 🙂 .


Why Try Scuba Diving In Protaras?
•We have crystal clear waters, The further you can see underwater the more comfortable you will be.
•Great dive spots.
•Most of our dive sites have easy access.
•Many Dive sites are both for Qualified & Non Qualified divers.
•Warm & Calm Waters.
•Safe Waters, No Sharks 🙂


Why With AquaNaut Diving School?
•We have been teaching scuba diving lessons since 1989, One of the first diving schools in Protaras.
•Our diving school is located directly above sea here in Protaras Green Bay, Makes it super Easy & Comfortable for beginners.
•We are a family business & always try our best to make all our costumers leave with a huge smile! 🙂
•The Rest You Can Find Here On TripAdvisor.

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Scuba Diving In Protaras

AquaNaut Diving School

Try Scuba Diving In Protaras


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