Wreck Dive (Nemesis & Liberty 2 Dives)


Lets Try Something More Extreme Than Just Simple Shore Diving ...

Wreck Dive

There have been two more new Shipwrecks put in Protaras specifically for divers to explore such as the Nemesis and Liberty.

Both wrecks are located at depth of 24-27 metres and slowly turn into artificial reefs attracting all sorts of marine life.

The Liberty Wreck was a purpose sunk wreck that went down in 2009 in Protaras, Cyprus. She now sits in 27 metres of water off the Golden Coast Marina, Each year, we see more fish life on this little wreck dive.

The Nemesis III is the newest wreck in Protaras. Sank in 2013, she sits in 24 metres of water, close to the Liberty Wreck.

This means she will also be enclosed in the marine conservation area. There is the opportunity for some easy penetration on this new wreck.

Nemesis Wreck ~ 24 Metres Max Depth

Liberty Wreck ~ 27 Metres Max Depth

What Is Included In This Wreck Dive?

  • Hotel Pickup & Drop-Off.
  • All Scuba Diving Gear Necessary For The Dive.
  • A Small Briefing About The Dive & Dive Site.
  • A Great Dive &¬† Great Time!
  • Awesome Under Water Pictures Available To Buy.


What Can We See On This Wreck Dive?

  • Amazing Wrecks!
  • Octopus
  • Groupers
  • Maybe Sea Eel
  • Turtle If You Are Lucky
  • A lot Lion Fish
  • Ornate Wrasses
  • Rainbow Wrasses
  • Zebra Breams
  • Two Banded Breams
  • Damsel Fish
  • Small Barracuda & many more

Please be aware
That This Dive Is For Qualified Divers Such As Advanced Open Water Divers.
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